This post is a tentative roadmap for Soteria. Since the space moves so fast we have the set the roadmap for the next 3–6 months, which is better since it allows us to move fast and iterate. A more comprehensive roadmap will be published in the future.


We are currently working with a well known designer in the space to rebrand Soteria. The name, logo, and website will be rebranded to better reflect our vision and concept.


Soteria is an algorithmic stablecoin backed by a delta neutral position using derivatives. V0 allows users to issue/redeem USDS with BTC, and the delta neutral position is created on bybit, a centralized exchange. We created v0 as an alpha, so that users can start playing with the concept of Soteria.
Go to issue USDS and earn 10% APY daily.

We are also adding more coins for v0, so that users will be able to convert a wider variety of coins to USDS. We will first start by adding ETH and then expand into other stablecoins like USDC and USDT. ETH will be added in 1–2 weeks.

We will also issue USDS on Solana through a . This will enable the v0 version of USDS on Solana. This will allow users to transfer USDS on Solana and exchange USDS for other coins on dexs. The expected date for USDS on Solana is in 3 weeks.

Solana Hackathon

There is currently no derivative dex on Solana, so for the we decided to create one ourselves. This will be the first derivative dex on Solana and users will be able to trade perpetual swaps in 1–2 weeks. Stay tuned!


The next step is to make Soteria trustless, so that no third party is in custody of funds. We plan on implementing this by integrating with a derivative dex on Solana and creating a delta neutral position. Soteria will not hold user funds and users will be able to issue/redeem USDS trustlessly.
V1, the trustless version of Soteria is expected to launch in 3–4 months.

We will also issue a governance token. Tokenomics and details of the governance token is TBD.


6/7: Release the perpetual swap for the Solana hackathon.

6/8–6/14 :Add ETH, USDC, USDT and other stablecoins for v0.

6/21 : Issue v0 USDS on Solana thorough the wormhole.

9/1–10/1: Release v1, the trustless stablecoin built by integrating with other derivative dex.

TBD: Issue a governance token.

Algorithmic stablecoin backed 100% by a delta neutral position using derivatives.

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